Meet Dr. Jim


Say Goodbye to the Stigma and Hello to Your Potential!


I believe every ADHD individual was created with value & ability -- what I call FastBraiin. 


My life mission is to help the parents of ADHD children by teaching and giving them the right tools so their children can reach their highest level. 



Dr. Jim

(James M. Poole, MD) Pediatrician


I am the founder of Fastbraiin and Growing Child Pediatrics. I have an affinity for helping those with ADD/ADHD find and utilize their strengths.

I founded Fastbraiin, a national program for those with attention, focus, and/or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. The integrative approach of Fastbraiin has helped over 4000 students reach the A/B honor roll. Among my many accomplishments,

I played an integral role in bringing the topic of childcare to the forefront of the political conversation by testifying to the US Senate and Senator Kennedy on the state of childcare in the US. I developed the first 5-star childcare centers in North Carolina and the first sick-child care center.

I also founded Camp Challenge for Children with Asthma in NC. In my free time,

I can be found playing in tennis tournaments, golfing, and enjoying all sports with my wife, three sons, and grandchildren.