We help children with ADHD thrive.


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We focus on what makes your child shine and build from there.

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We address the medical, behavioral, and educational components.

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We keep things simple and practical for busy, stressed-out parents.


The ADHD Getting Started Resource Kit COMING SOON!


1. Dr. Jim's Amazon Bestseller, a positive and comprehensive approach to minimizing your child's ADHD weaknesses and how to leverage their unique strength of FastBraiin.

2. Personal Workbook to help you apply the program to your family and keep you on track.

3. Engaging videos to walk you through each step of the journey.

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Nutritional Supplements

When people ask why we promote supplements along with Dr. Jim’s resources, our simple answer is:

  • ADHD issues are comprehensive, involving nutrition

  • Supplements are a more natural alternative than medical stimulants

  • Supplements have been proven to increase focus and attention while controlling for impulsivity.




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