Why play and exercise increases ADHD focus

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Running Fast with FastBraiin from FastBraiin on Vimeo.

The top runners in the world all seem to have the same genetic code. The code comes from a small village in Kenya. Geneticists have discovered that the Jamaican Olympic runners all have the same genetic code, and it is the same code that can be traced back to Kenya. They run faster and for longer distances than anyone else in the world.

Even children from these areas learn to run at an early age. Not on track teams, but as young kids, two and three years of age. They run to play. They might even run to go get water. They run around the house. They run in the community, and they run to school and to the marketplace.

Exercise for these kids is play. It’s not the non-smiling runners on the side of the road we see on the way to work, who have their special shoes, their water bottles, and they sometimes are not even smiling--wondering why they are doing this. But watch a kid. See their joy in running. That God-given ability to move, to takeoff, to go from one place to the next, just through their own individual power of running and living.

We can measure the effect of running and exercise on the brain. It is a positive one. Exercise increases neurotransmitters, allowing for improvements in learning, adaptation, and taking tests. It even increases the feel good chemicals within our brain.

FastBraiin understands the advantages of exercise and active play. This play can be in singing, in playing an instrument, or playing a sport. The advantages of exercise for the brain is not dependent upon how good you are, whether you make it to the major leagues, or even whether you are on the track team. It is merely dependent upon muscles moving. When the body is moving, the brain can better process and encode the data from all of our senses. Parents of ADHD kids need to be encouraging exercise and play, not diminishing it. Although well intended, disciplining a child by not letting them play outside may be working against their personal development.

Major corporations are now understanding that their top sales people were past athletes. They are personable, confident, and seem to be team players within the corporation and business. FastBraiin understands this concept and we understand the importance of exercise in learning, in growing, and in future success.

Join us. Welcome to running fast with FastBraiin.