How Having a Child with ADHD Makes You a Better Person

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Having a child with ADHD comes with its ups and downs. Despite the sleepless nights, tantrums, and all the other challenges that come with it, there’s no doubt that having a child with ADHD makes you a better person. Instead of focusing on the negatives of ADHD, take the time to be thankful for what you have and remember all the valuable lessons that your child has taught you.


Whether it’s talking your child down from a tantrum or taking time to make sure they sit down and focus on their homework, there’s no question that having a child with ADHD makes you more patient. As a parent, you know that your child isn’t purposely not paying attention to you or causing trouble – it’s the ADHD symptoms that are causing the impulsivity and hyperactivity. Knowing and reminding yourself of this helps you develop a deeper understanding of your child; consequently, that builds a stronger threshold for patience during trying times.


Every parent with an ADHD child has been there – you’re at a restaurant, a mall, or a family gathering, and your child has a meltdown over the smallest of disappointments. There’s the screaming and crying, which only invite the onslaught of rude stares and the feeling of judgment from those around you. It’s a difficult moment for anyone, but there is a lesson to be learned: don’t judge others unless you know their full story. There’s so much more to children with ADHD than what meets the eye, and realizing this helps increase your compassion and empathy for others during their hard times.


You know firsthand the beauty and wonder that often comes with their ADHD symptoms. Children with ADHD have incredibly creative and imaginative minds. This ability to think outside the box is such a rewarding experience for parents to observe and be a part of. Whether it’s writing stories, making up games, or creating masterpieces, an ADHD child can do anything when they set their mind to it. As a parent, you not only get to watch as your child’s creativity blossoms, but you also get the opportunity to work together with your child and embrace your own creativity every day.
There’s no experience quite as complex, challenging, or rewarding as parenting an ADHD child. Every moment is a learning experience, but the hard times will only strengthen your understanding of and love for your child as you both continue to grow.