5 Super Strengths of ADHD Adults You Need to Know

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Due to our society’s perception of ADHD, few people believe there are any strengths of ADHD adults. You, too, probably feel discouraged because you only see weaknesses with ADHD. You need to know, though, the strengths of ADHD, as well. Such strengths of ADHD adults help many celebrities with ADHD and entrepreneurs find success.

Many people see ADHD as a limitation. People see this because they focus only on weaknesses. You want to be knowledgeable of the weaknesses of ADHD adults. Just, don’t let the weaknesses overwhelm you. Don’t just see weaknesses. Identify and get to know the strengths of ADHD adults to help thrive in any setting.

#1 Creativity

A mind never at rest is a mind that is always thinking and creating. Growth depends on creative energies. Coincidentally, ADHD adults also thrive on and churn out creative energies.

Some people see the creative gifts of ADHD as a huge benefit to adults with ADHD. You should see creativity this way, too. ADHD adults naturally think outside of the box. They thrive in environments that demand creative thinking. As a result, many businesses and our society as a whole benefit from the creative energies of many adults with ADHD.

#2 Innovation 

ADHD adults want to push the boundaries. Adults with ADHD tend to get bored and distracted easily. While in some instances, boredom and distraction wreck careers. In other instances, they lead to brilliant innovations and breakthroughs.

Innovation provides one of the huge strengths of ADHD adults. Adults with ADHD struggle with settling with the status quo. Again, this can devastate a career track professional in the wrong industry.

As a result, adults with ADHD need to avoid jobs that require a lot of organization, detailed tasks, or that tie them to a desk all day. Jobs like an accountant and administrative secretary rank among some of the worst jobs for restless minds.

On the other hand, innovation and creativity provide great strengths of ADHD adults to prosper in creative fields. ADHD adults should look to careers that demand innovation such as theater, being self-employed and sales. These types of careers land among the best careers for adults with ADHD.

#3 Hyperfocus

A lack of focus causes havoc for many people with ADHD. The flip side of a lack of focus, though, is hyperfocus which turns out to be one of the strengths of ADHD adults. While some activities lack the ability to grab the attention of adults with ADHD. Other activities grab hold of ADHD adults and won’t let go.

You need to learn how to use hyperfocus as the strength it can be. You need to identify how you can control and harness your ADHD to use hyerfocus to your advantage.

Hyperfocus translates well into many careers focused on problem solving. Careers focused on science or technologies thrive on the participant’s ability to hyperfocus. As a result, adults with ADHD prosper as science researchers and game and computer developers or sports athletes. Hyperfocused adults with ADHD include pro golfer Bubba Watson and entrepreneur David Neeleman.

#4 High Energy  

Many parents with ADHD children lament the high energy that consumes most of their day. They struggle with just keeping up with their hyperactive child. High energy, though, when channeled correctly can be one of the huge strengths of ADHD adults.

Coupled with hyperfocus, high energy provides the fuel for some researchers and innovators to continue working long after their peers have given up. Hyperactivity not focused can overload a family dynamic. Focused correctly, though, high energy powers successful careers and creative forces.

#5 Productivity

A key result from hyperfocus and high energy produces another one of the strengths of ADHD adults in productivity. While adults with ADHD struggle with a lack of interest and low productivity, in the right settings the opposite can take hold: high productivity levels.

When adults with ADHD get focused on an important issue they can produce results at a breathtaking pace. Adults with ADHD possess a mind that runs at all times and constantly moves from task to task and thought to thought.

The trick to increasing productivity for most ADHD adults lies in harnessing and directing their mind’s energy. With proper management, productivity can become a key strength, and you too might be able to say, “having ADHD actually increased my productivity.”

Discover the Strengths of ADHD Adults

We hear enough about ADHD weaknesses. Here at FastBraiin, we believe in a well-balanced approach to ADHD. We believe that adults with ADHD need to know their strengths just as much as they need to know their weaknesses.

Hopefully in this short post, we have helped show you that there exist many strengths of ADHD adults. Use these strengths and others to harness your ADHD energies to have a positive impact on your career and life goals.