At FastBraiin, we work with people who have what is generally referred to as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) / (ADD). Our view of ADD / ADHD is different.

We look at ADHD not as a disease or disorder but instead as a unique ability - an ability to effectively handle a number of tasks simultaneously, to respond quickly to changing environments, changing tracks and back again, to do more and be more.

Like any ability, it's essential to understand ADHD and harness its potential. That's what we help our clients accomplish.

A big part of doing that is helping our clients, whether children or adults, build more support among family and friends to create a stronger, more positive self image. Building that support is critical. It helps our clients gain a new perspective and that's where the term FastBraiin comes in. When our clients begin to think of ADHD or ADD as FastBraiin, they will drop the negative associations and start building positive ones. When ADHD becomes FastBraiin, our clients will become more connected to the people around them and draw on that support. They become connected to their full potential - they become their best.

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